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I’m Alec. Big Al the Camera Man. 

I was born and raised in the rust belt, came here in 2007, fell immediately in love, moved here a little under a year later, traveled around a bit more, and moved back permanently because Tulane paid me to study Brazilian music, of all things, in 2010.  

I started showing Couchsurfers around immediately, before I even knew what I was doing. I started photographing the city compulsively as I was scared then, as I am now, that it could vanish with the next hurricane season. Eventually, I became a professional tour guide for the Navy SEALs of New Orleans tour companies. I’m trying to do a bit of both here. 

I was inspired to teach people for a few reasons. I got really great feedback as a tour guide. I also see more and more people walking around with SLRs hanging from their necks and not using them. A lot of photographers in New Orleans pile on at cultural events, practically crawling over one another to get a shot of the same thing, everyone rushing tomake the same photograph. This has always confused and amused me. I am interested in the margins, in what’s vanishing, in what’s overlooked.