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Photography workshops in & around New Orleans.

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Come home with more great pictures than you know what to do with.

I work with people of all levels of experience: 

PROS: For practicing photographers, I’ll be your fixer and scout on steroids. I can get you in front of what you want to photograph while gracefully avoiding the many pitfalls of the city and region.

BEGINNERS: Maybe you haven’t even bought a camera yet. I’ll help you get your shit together from scratch. You will truly become a photographer over the course of a single weekend: shooting, editing, printing. It’s a tall claim, but photography ain’t rocket science. It’s the most generous and democratic artistic medium there is.

THE TIMID: I'm an especially good fit for people who want to get over their fear of candidly photographing and/or engaging strangers on the street. On so many levels, New Orleans is the best place in America to conquer your fear.

My hero, Big Ronnie Cotlon, Dumaine Street Gang Secondline, November, 2015.


I’m not your man if you want to just scratch the surface.

This is intensive and immersive. There are a few significant differences from this and your usual photo workshop.

1) I only lead workshops here in New Orleans. I’m not flying from somewhere else for the weekend. I'm a licensed, registered, and experienced private tour guide. I’ve taken over 100,000 photos of the region per year since 2008. You get the benefit of my extensive trial and error. A lot of the value is in knowing the city and region not only like a photographer, but like a historian, anthropologist, and taxi driver.

2) I work with very small groups. I prefer one on one and three max. I’m not going to be lecturing you and a dozen others in front of a projector. On top of individual attention, TLC, and respect for our subjects, we need to be nimble enough to improvise when something magical inevitably happens.

3) I'm going to take you way off the beaten track. A lot of the workshops here stick pretty close to it: French Quarter, Garden District, Frenchmen Street, swamps, plantations, etc. While we’ll touch on all the places that make New Orleans famous, I’m going to make sure you see parts of Louisiana most people who live here have never even heard of, and things that may well be gone by the time you return. 

4) We’re going to improvise on your lead. Our schedule is only as strict not following a strict schedule. Your interests determine our focus. I’m going to send you a pretty extensive survey to get an idea of what you’re interested in, where you’re at, how you want to improve, and what kind of work you want to make. 

Shoutgun, 6th Ward

I’m also not your guy if: you want to learn studio and lighting techniques, work with models, or obtain a super-nuanced, wonky understanding of your equipment. My tripod is collecting dust. I've used a single $120 lens and basic workhorse of a camera and for over ten years. In turn, I want to help you demolish 80% of the needless bullshit that gets in the way becoming a practicuing photographer, whether it be gear-acquisition syndrome or your own limiting beliefs. Likewise, I can't help you learn the ins and outs of the business. I’m hopeless at business and breathe art. So unlike many photographers who have been successful in business, I live or die by the quality of my teaching. I have a vested interest in making you a better photographer and sending you home with work you’re proud of. 

You down?


Here’s the itinerary.